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0800 Numbers

About 0800 Numbers

0800 numbers are numbers that are free for the person who is making the call.  The company or person who owns the 0800 number pays for receiving the call from their customers.  Most companies use 0800 numbers as they encourage callers into their business which in turn increases the sales opportunity.  A recent study by Warwick Business School has shown that people are more likely to call an 0800 number to enquire about a product than a standard landline.  A secondary study has shown that the majority of the UK public are aware that an 0800 number is free to call – so you get no worries from your potential customers about how much a call will cost to contact you.  A further study has shown that adverts with 0800 numbers positioned next to adverts with UK landline numbers will receive 80% more of the calls (please ask us about advertising return on investment reports that we can provide you).

Did you know that 0800 numbers are not the on free phone number range in the UK?  Currently the UK has 3 number ranges that are free to call.  These are 0800 numbers, 0500 numbers and 0808 numbers.  0500 numbers are old Mercury Communications (now Cable & Wireless) numbers and are still in existence today (one famous 0500 number is Radio 5’s which is 0500 909 693 which are their frequencies on the radio).  0800 numbers are the standard issue now but these numbers are running out fast.  This is why we have a third range, 0808 numbers.  0808 numbers are a new number range allocated to providers due to dwindling stock of 0800 numbers.  0808 numbers are still free to call but the majority of the UK public are not aware that they are free (a big user of the 0808 range is the NSPCC – they have 0808 800 5000). 

0800 numbers aren’t always free to call!  If you are calling an 0800 number from your mobile then you will get a message saying that you will be charged to call 0800 numbers (please check with your mobile service provider for the costs).  Also if you are abroad and are calling an 0800 number (it will look like +44 800 xxxxxxx) then you will be charged for making the call.

You may think that 0800 numbers are only used by large corporate organisations.  This used to be true 10 years ago but due to competition in the market and dropping prices it has allowed smaller organisations to take advantage of 0800 numbers.  We now provide 0800 numbers to business start ups, one man bands, small to medium enterprises, corporate organisations and government. 

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0800 Numbers - £2 set up and £2 rental per month

0800 Numbers - £99 set up and £2 rental per month

0800 Numbers - £199 set up and £2 rental per month

Our 0800 Numbers are billed monthly and we provide full call stats which include:- The time and date of the call, the number that called you, the duration and the cost.  This information is populated into graphs which you can then interigate to view your numbers performance.  Our bills are emailed and placed online in a secure location so that we do not use any paper reducing our carbon footprint.  The set up fee is taken by credit card or paypal and the monthly rental and call charges for the 0800 number are taken by Direct Debit 14 days after we send you your invoice.

If you have any further information regarding our 0800 numbers please call us on FREEPHONE 0800 158 3383.

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